Knowing What Is Identity Theft Can Help You In More Ways Than One

There are a lot of identity theft cases being reported today and many millions of dollars are being lost as a consequence. It will therefore pay to take a closer look at what is identity theft because the more knowledgeable you are about this particular form of theft, the better equipped you will be to prevent it from happening to you. The first thing that strikes most people when they wonder exactly what is identity theft is that it involves someone hacking into a bank account (online) or is about using your credit card or your ATM in an illegal manner.

More Than Financial Losses

If you don’t know what identity theft is you will not be able to take preventive measures and you will also not be able to know when and how to look for instances of identity theft. What’s more, identity theft is not confined only to financial losses and there are in fact five different areas that you will need to learn about.

When learning more about what is identity theft, you need to also check to see whether it does not involve your driving license. Identity thieves are known to use stolen identities to create driving licenses in the names of their victims and will then go ahead and commit crimes or do other illegal things in your name – leaving you to face the consequences.

Another aspect to identity theft is the one that relates to stolen Social Security numbers. So, your search for an answer to what is identity theft should also take into account that your Social Security number is a prime target for identity thieves. By stealing your Social Security number, thieves can get 1099 jobs and even cash paychecks while conveniently forgetting to pay their taxes and then leaving you to shoulder the responsibility of correcting their erroneous ways.

Yet another area in which identity thieves strike is by stealing your medical insurance. It means that the next time that you enquire about what is identity theft makes sure to also check whether a thief has not illegally used your health care insurance by having made off with your health insurance card.

In fact, identity theft can also affect your character and this is an area in which you will need to be well informed about because this form of identity theft can be especially hurtful for you. Once your character has been compromised you will find it very difficult indeed to restore your damaged reputation. Finally, you also need to ask questions related to what is identity theft with regard to your finances.

By understanding what identity theft is, particularly in the five areas mentioned above, you will be able to protect you a lot better. Today, there are also credit monitoring services that can help consumers learn to deal with credit fraud and therefore you need to also become better acquainted with this aspect to credit fraud as well. It is never a good idea to wait till identity theft strikes you; rather, you need to find out as much as is possible about what is identity theft and then take remedial steps so that you enjoy a life free from different forms of identity theft.


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