How To Report Identity Theft

When that time comes and you find that someone has stolen your identity, there is nothing scary, as you will end up worrying if it all will turn out all right. The fact is though, as long as you report identity theft to the proper authorities, you can get the whole situation resolved. The problem is though, without some form of identity theft insurance, you may be looking at a few months to even a year before your identity theft case is completely cleared up. This is because there is a lot of paper work to go through and it must be proven that it was not you who took out the credit in question.

Since it does take a lot of time to clear things up after you report identity theft, it is important that you take action right away. The sooner you move the sooner things will be taken care of and your credit report will be back to the way it was before your identity was stolen. Never allow yourself to be convinced that you do not need to report identity theft even if it was someone you know or are related to. The marks on your report will last for many years and you can find yourself financially responsible for the credit that was taken out simply because you did not report identity theft.

Steps To Take Quickly

The first thing you would want to do when it is time to report identity theft is to contact the police so that they can make a report. This will help in capturing the person who took your identity and used it to their advantage. After you report identity theft to the police, you are going to want to contact all of the credit reporting agencies. When you report identity theft to them there are several things that can happen. First, they can start to take action on clearing up your credit report from things that you had nothing to do with.

Then they can actually make notation on your credit report stating that you did report identity theft so that no other creditors give out more credit until this situation is resolved. Also, when you report identity theft, it is a good idea to ask to make your own notation on your report which is something that you are legally permitted to do. In this notation you will advise of the theft and that you are working hard to resolve the issue at hand. By simply remembering these steps you will be ready if you ever have to report identity theft.


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