Knowledge Is Power: Identity Theft Facts

Probably one of the most personal crimes that can be inflicted upon an individual is identity theft. This is because it affects more than just the stealing of items, money or gaining access to credit card accounts, but it literally allows the thief to pose as their victim.

Therefore, it is important to know identity theft facts. Those identity theft facts include the importance of knowing where identity theft thieves gain knowledge of their victims. Two of those specific areas include e-mails and the trash.

Through E-Mails

Identity theft is on the rise and one particular identity theft fact is that the venue of choice for thieves is through electronic means. Specifically, one of the favorite and powerful choices of identity thieves is through the use of e-mails.

This thievery is accomplished as an unsuspecting individual receives an e-mail from the crook who is posing as a bank or other financial institution. The e-mail looks legitimate as if it came from the financial institution. The e-mail even has the logo of the company imbedded in to it and asks the e-mail recipient to respond.

Generally, the request asks for account numbers, passwords and user names. The return e-mail address even looks legitimate and carries the name of the financial entity. If the individual responds, then the thief has all of the identity theft information they need to access the person's account.

To prevent being a victim of an e-mail scam it is important that individuals realize a few identity theft facts when it comes to correspondence from financial institutions. First of all, most reputable credit card and banking firms will never ask for sensitive information such as passwords, user names and account information through an e-mail.

In addition, never give out social security card numbers. Finally, report all requests for this type of information to the financial institution.

Through Trash

Another prime location where identity theft thieves lurk is around trash. This is because, on any given day, numerous credit card offers are received in the U.S. mail. Individuals will often reject these offers and simply throw the invitations out in the mail.

Following this action, the thieves will sort through the trash and retrieve these offers. By rummaging around in the trash they then will have available to them the beginnings of needed personal information.

Therefore, one of the identity theft facts to deter thieves from gathering personal information is to dispose of these credit cards offers properly. Specifically, it is important that individuals shred these documents.

Another excellent way to destroy credit offers, if the individual lives in an apartment complex, is to rip up the documents before going back to apartment. These pieces of credit card offers can then be placed in separate trash receptacles on the way back to the apartment.


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