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In days gone by if an individual had been the victim of a theft they would have known right away. This is because the thief would generally steal tangible items. Those items could have included stereos, televisions, jewelry, money, etc.

However, today, not only are tangible items stolen, but intangible items as well. Specifically, one of those intangible items that can be stolen is a person's identity.

Identity theft is when a thief intercepts or steals personal information and then utilizes that information in an effort to pose as their victim. If they are successful, the thief can access the financial information of that individual and worse open up new accounts allowing the individual to illegally obtain merchandise and ruin the good name of the victim.

Therefore, it is important to implement identity theft solutions. Some of those identity theft solutions include the proper disposing of mail and requesting a credit report on a consistent basis.

Disposing Of Mail

One of the primary identity theft solutions to preventing this type of thievery is properly dispose of unsolicited credit card offers that are received through the postal service. Often these credit card offers are sent out by credit card companies in hopes that individuals will take advantage of low teaser interest rates. Generally, the credit card companies are just looking for new customers and often do not conduct significant research regarding the financial background of the potential customers that they mail to.

Obviously, this can be a formula for disaster. Specifically, the mail recipient does not know that these offers are being sent nor does the credit card company know the potential customers that they are mailing these offers to.

Therefore, a simple identity theft solution is to adequately destroy all credit card applications that are not acted upon. That process should include the shredding of all documents prior to them being placed in the trash.

Obtaining A Credit Report

In addition, another primary identity theft solution on how to avoid identity theft is to check one’s credit report on a regular basis. This can be accomplished by writing one or all of the three credit bureaus and requesting a personal copy of the individual’s credit report. This credit report can also be accomplished by going online.

When a credit report is received it is important to look for any suspicious activity or opening of a credit card without one’s knowledge. If any suspicious activity is noted it is important to contact the credit bureaus immediately as well as the financial institution that is involved.


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