Stolen Identity Can Cause Damage In Many Ways

There are many different ways a stolen identity can benefit the thief while at the same time wreaking havoc on the victim's life. While the most common may be ruining their credit history by using the stolen identity to open charge accounts without any intention of paying the charges, the identity can be used to perpetuate fraud in many other ways as well as for bypassing legal proceedings. Often putting the victim at risk of being arrested until they can prove their true identity, personal information has become a powerful tool.

Consider the person wanting to buy a home for the first time and when they put in their application are told they have too many outstanding bills. Too late, they learn that their stolen identity has been used to open accounts that have no payment history. They may also learn the bills were sent to a different address, leaving them unaware that someone was using their stolen identity to take advantage of their previously good credit rating.

Then consider the individual pulled over for speeding and the officer informs them there is a warrant for their arrest for failing to appear for a court date. It is possible for someone to use a stolen identity to get away with illegal activities and the true person could have a tough time convincing the legal system that they are whom they say they are.

Identity Is A Person's Most Powerful Asset

Most people understand that the name is the most valuable asset they have, regardless of the station in life and by protecting their identity, they are protecting more than their finances. Even if they are cleared of any wrongdoing by someone else using their stolen identity, many people may wonder just how true the information is and whether it is really them or still another person using their stolen identity.

While certain issues can be resolved on their own, some problems will require the use of an identity theft attorney who can bring the person's name back on the good side of the law. Clearing legal and financial problems created by some using a stolen identity can be time consuming and expensive, as well as requiring the expertise to rid the person of all the effects of the stolen identity.

This can often be a tough row to hoe and by using someone that knows who to contact and how to proceed through every step to clear their name, the stolen identity could still come back to haunt them years after they believed it had been fully recovered.


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