Identity Theft Statistics Show That Your Trash Is Not Safe

Identity theft statistics put things in perspective and what they have been revealing can be quite shocking. It seems that one in eight people has fallen victim of Internet identity theft. The reason is clearly that people are not being very cautious about how they protect their identity.

Most of the identity theft statistics also show that people can have their identities stolen through people rummaging through their rubbish bin. People often don’t take too much care on how they dispose of their bank statements letters or personal information contained in their resumes.

In this you can easily see that these identity theft statistics prove than investing in a cheap shredder. Internets identity theft can be preventing through installing and using firewall on you PC. There are many avenues that perpetrators use to get hold of your personal details. Therefore getting yourself off mailing lists can help in cutting down the identity theft statistics.

Your mail can be stolen from your mailbox so always ensure that you have a proper mailbox, ideally your mail should be mailed inside your house. There are many ways that you can help in cutting down the identity theft statistics and protecting yourself means that you have less heartache down the line.

Public Computers Can Make You Part Of The Identity Theft Statistics

The government agencies are really keen on getting accurate identity theft statistics as they understand that the better they are informed about how identity theft is happening and where the better they are at equipping us with the right information.

There is no need for you to fall victim to scrupulous individuals who do not care what they do with your identity and what the consequences are to you. The greatest fear is that terrorist activities are getting funded through identity theft.

Furthermore people are making claims using identity theft and raking in millions. It is costing some countries billions of dollars to combat these identity theft statistics, as people are finding themselves suddenly on the wrong side of the law without even contributing to it.

Always aim to know about your finances and passwords are important. Try not to use public computers if you intend to check out personal information like online baking. Always keep your password in a safe place and make it impossible to guess by using a scrap word whereby you jumble up a lot of letters and have your password in there so no-one can guess. These entire things will hep in keeping the identity theft statistics low and therefore protect more people from becoming victims.


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